Olive Oil


The area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea has been witness, for over 7000 years, to the eternal and happy relationship between vines, wheat and olive trees : the foundations of a trilogy.

Wine, bread, oil – the fruits of civilisation, the basis for business, trips and exchanges. Always closely linked to the roots of our culture, be they symbolic, religious or culinary.

But let's take a look at the olive tree, which carries a part of mystery making it different from other trees, its fruits still arouse the same passion and the same infatuation for the men and women who grow them. Certain aficionados say that the tree is "intelligent".


For several generations, the olive tree has been an integral part of the Suffrene landscape.

Several thousand olive trees, made up of several varieties perfectly adapted to the soil in Provence, produce a delicate oil, a balance between the green and the black fruit. The fruit is harvested manually between the 15th of December, when the olives are perfectly ripe.

The trituration is done directly after harvesting, followed by cold extraction with a centrifuge in our own mill. The specificity of aromas depends mostly on the rapidity with which the olives are pressed after harvesting. Following natural sedimentation of a few weeks, the extra virgin olive oil is then bottled at the beginning of the following year...

Suffrene oil is made up of the following assemblage:

-25% Aglandau

-15% Brun

-25% Caillon

-10% Saloninque

And the remaining 25% of Tanche, Bouteillan, Grossane, Picholine, Cailletier and Lucques.



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